Lajos Bíró was born and raised in eastern Hungary village of Tyukod. In age of six Lajos already knew he is going to be an artist.
He studied at the Secondary School of Fine and Applied Arts in Budapest. From 1982 to 1988 he was a student of the Academy of Fine Arts majoring in sculpture.
During his Academy years he won „Sőnyi Istvan Scholarship” and „Herman Lipot Prize” for talented young students.
Lajos has won several prizes and sculpture competitions. He has more than 100 public commissions, most of them in Hungary but some of them seen also in Europe and in USA.
He is a member of Mátészalka Rotary Club.

Public Commissions

1987  Bust of Károly Than, chemist, bronze, Budapest
1988  Memorial of public electric lighting, bronze, Mátészalka
          Portrait of Dózsa, bronze, Tyukod
1989  Helios with the Pegasus, bronze on a marble pillar, Ajka
1990  Ballet-dancer, bronze, Mátészalka
          Memorial of War, limestone, Mándok
          Memorial of War, bronze relief on marble, Tiszabezdéd
          Memorial of War, bronze, limestone, Ópály
1993  Bronze relief of Kölcsey, poet, Beregszász, Ukraina
          Bronze relief of St. Lázsló, King of Hungary, Kisvárda
1994  Bust of Ferenc Balázs, martyr of 1956 revolution, bronze,
          Memorial of War, Bronze on a marble pillar, Mátészalka
          Fountain, bronze on a limestone, Mátészalka
1996  Portrait of Zsigmond Móricz, author, bronze, Mátészalka
          Fountain of the seven Hungarian chieftains, marble, bronze,
          Portrait of Kossuth Lajos, bronze, Tyukod
1997  Bust of Count István Széchenyi, bronze,  Mátészalka
1998  Monument of Kölcsey, poet, bronze, limestone, Mátésalka
1999  Bust of Géza Képes, author, bronze, Mátészalka
          Statue of Calvin, bronze, marble, Mátészalka
2000  Bust of István Báthory Ecsedi, judge of a country, bronze, marble,
          Turul bird 1-2, bronze, Germany
          Equestrian statue of St. Stephen, King of Hungary, bronze, stone,
          Statue of Kossuth Lajos, Fehérgyarmat
          Portrait of St. Stephen, King of Hungary, bronze, Mándok
          Fountain of St. Stephen, King of Hungary, bronze, limestone, Jármi
          Statue of Pál Vasvári, politic, poet, bronze, Tiszavasvári
2001  Equestrian statue of Tass, one of the seven Hungarian Chieftains,
          bronze, life-size, Nyírtas
          Memorial bell, István Széchenyi Elementary School, bronze,
          Monument of breeding bull Vándor, portrait, bronze, granite,
          life-size, Kisar
          Portrait of István Báthory, Prince of Transylvania, bronze,
          Turul bird, bronze, limestone, Jármi
          Dedication of the Flag, relief, bronze, limestone, Tarpa
          Bust of Ferenc Zajti, painter, historian, Újfehertó
2002  Fountain of a Dragon, bronze, limestone,  Fehérgyarmat
          Fountain of St. Kozma and St. Damján, relief, bronze, limestone,
2003  Equestrian statue of II Ferenc Rákóczi, bronze,  granite, Tarpa
          Monument for the people of Bereg, limestone, Csaroda
2004  Portrait of Gyula Szígethy, conductor, bronze relief, Nyírkáta
          Bust of István Patay, colonel, Nyírmada
          Monument of ’Málenkíj Robot’, limestone relief, Vásárosnamény
2005  The Rotary Centennial sculpture, bronze, Knoxville Tennessee,
          Sandor Petöfi, poet, bronze, Mátészalka
          Bust of István Fekete, author, high relief, bronze, Győrtelek
          József Pataki tombstone, bronze, limestone, Nyíregyháza
          Portrait of Dr. József Farkas, ethnographer, bronze, Mátészalka
2006  János Hunyadi, life-size, bronze, Budaörs
          II World War Memorial, limestone, Kecskemét
          St. Martin and the Beggar, bronze, limestone, Tiszaszentmárton
          Monument of the Revolution in 1959, limestone, bronze, Nagykálló
2007  Mihály Répássy memorial, 1848 General, limestone, Kemecse
          Rotary District memorial, granite, bronze, Miskolctapolca
          Portrait of István Thomán, pianist, Humenne, Slovakia
          Arpád, Prince of Hungary, relief, limestone, Nagytárkány, Slovakia
          Bust of Arpád, Prince of Hungary, bronz, Sátoraljaújhely
          Portrait of György Bessenyei, bronze, Nyíregyháza
          2008Ferenc Kölcsey, poet, life-size, bronze limestone,
          Bust of Albert Szenci  Molnár, bronze, Csenger
          Portrait of Ferenc Kölcsey, poet, bronze, Nagykapos, Slovakia
          Bust of Mátyás Hunyadi, King of Hungary, bronze, Nagytárkány,
2009  Ildikó Poroszlai, relief, limestone, Százhalombatta
          Illés Ferenc, relief, limestone, Százhalombatta
          Coat of Arms, red limestone, Fábiánháza
          Fountain of Arpád, Prince of Hungary, bronze, limestone, Újfehértó
          Turul, Memorial Column, bronze, limestone, Rakamaz
          Hortobagy Relocation Memorial, bronze, limestone, Tyukod
          Bust of Gáspár Károly, bronze, granite, Mátészalka
2010  Memorial for the Hungarian Reformed Community in the
          Carpathian Basin, Bronze, limestone, Fehergyarmat
          Nobilis Tree of Life, bronze, Mátészalka
2011  Csaholy Man, bronze, granite, Nyírcsaholy
          Bust of II Ferenc Rákóczi, bronze, Sátoraljaújhely
          Honour for Horses, life-size horse, bronze, Nagyrábé
          Bust of Gáspár Károlyi, bronze, Csenger
          Bust of Count Sándor Károlyi, Nagykároly, Romania
2012  Portrait of Károly Dorgay, bronze, limestone, 1848 captain,
          Máté Szepsi Laczkó, life-size, bronze, limestone, Szepsi, Slovakia
          Bust of Zsigmond Móricz, author, bronze, limestone, Börvely,
          Bust of Imre Makovecz, architect, bronze, limestone, Csenger
          Portrait of Wolfgang Schauble, bronze, Germany
          Monument of the Revolution in 1959, limestone, bronze, Tarpa
          Monument for Women Riot, bronze, limestone, Nyírcsaholy